Rin (cresal) wrote in slappers,

looking for something to do in london


I hope this isn't out of place here. I'm on the prowl for some fun things to do while in london for the week.
(actually, it's my boyfriend who is in london, but I enjoy research more than he does)

What are some good goth clubs, kink clubs, or other things to do? events that must be caught? best night to be out on the town? where are some fun hangouts? and would anyone be interested in showing a fun, outgoing guy from Seattle where to go?
Hell, even not-goth-but-still-fun clubs would be good to know about.

I would appreciate any and all suggestions. :)

Thank you!

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It would depend on the dates he's in London for. Most clubs tend to run on a monthly basis. Slimelight is weekly though and may warrant a visit.
he's there now, and staying for just over a week. thanks for the tip! :)