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Reading the 'Preacher'

This is a bit cheeky ...

The Streatham Library Readers Group(catchy title, don't you think?) will be reading and discussing Ennis/Dillons's 'the 'Preacher' starting with 'Gone to Texas'. Copies have been put aside for anyone in the reading group to pick up & bone up on before we all meet up. To qualify as a member of the reading group you have to join the library & have a London address.  A work address will do.

Any reader group member can suggest any graphic novel to be read/reviewed but we'll be doing the 'Preacher' for now.

We'll be meeting up on the 11 June at Streaham Library. For further details click on the link

Streatham Library is in the SW2 area of London, UK. So anyone in London is welcome although it's probably only easily accessible to residents of Lambeth and the surrounding boroughs. But if it's on your commuting route it could be an interesting diversion.

For said commuters Streatham has three rail stations; Streatham Common; Streatham; Streatham Hill. Streatham Lbrary is between Streatham & Streatham Hill stations. For more a better idea of the location check the map via the link above.

Dear Mr MoD,

I joined this community for the express purpose of plugging this so please delete this if you feel it's inappropriate

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